Welcome to the 2023 CA State Employees Food Drive!

November 6, 2023 — January 8, 2024

For the last three years, as state employees have shifted to remote work, the food drive has expanded to serve all California communities. With your help, we would like to continue this effort to support food banks statewide.

How to Participate

  1. Find a local Food Bank of your choosing and
    • Make a monetary donation
    • Make a food donation (you may need to check if the food bank is currently accepting food donations)
    • Volunteer your time
  2. Join the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
  3. Submit your donation details through the Food Drive Credit Form to be included in your department’s participation by January 22, 2024.
  4. Sign up for our newsletter for ongoing updates!

Volunteer Opportunities

Some food banks have lost upwards of 50% of volunteers and are in great need of volunteers to help pack and sort food. They are taking precautions to ensure volunteer safety.

To get involved in your community, check out:

Resources for State Employees

If you are facing a particularly hard time, a number of local, community-based organizations help folks meet needs, including navigating benefits, counseling, medical case management and some cash assistance.

2022 California State Employees Food Drive

Together, California state agencies donated over $105,600 to food banks throughout the state! As well as over 22,300 pounds of food, 670 turkeys, 1,630 Run to Feed the Hungry registrations, and 499 volunteer hours!

View the 2022 SEFD breakdown by agency

2021 California State Employees Food Drive

More than 670 state employees contributed to the 2021 State Employee Food Drive and all together donated over $73,061.50 to food banks throughout the state!

We are so grateful for everyone who participated in the food drive and helped make an impact in our local communities.

State Agency Efforts

We would love to share pictures and stories of your agency's employees and their families fundraising or volunteering. Please send them to cafooddrive@cdfa.ca.gov.