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Procedures for Online or Outside of Sacramento Donations

Live in Sacramento

All monetary donations are used by Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to purchase food items, in bulk, which are then distributed to our 200 Partner Agencies throughout Sacramento County. Financial donations are very important to this program. Through your generosity, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is able to maximize buying power through volume purchasing.

There are two ways to donate financially to the Food drive. The most convenient, secure and preferred way is via your agency (team) page on our online platform. For instructions to set up your agency page, refer to the coordinator manual for full instructions.

Live Outside of Sacramento

For employees who reside elsewhere in California, visit the California Association of Food Banks to find your local food bank . Simply enter your zip code to find the one closest to you!

Donating Food?

If you are donating food to food banks located outside of the Sacramento area, send a weight receipt from the food bank. Weight receipts need to be on the food bank’s letterhead or standard receipt format with the following information: Total poundage of food donated, state agency name and date. Scan and send to

Important: Funds collected for the CA State Employees Food Drive cannot be used to offset employees/agency expenses. (For example: reimbursement for mileage/gas) All funds collected must be applied to the Food Drive as required by law.

Download and Print the 2019 Poster

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Right-click and choose "Save link as..." to save the poster on your computer (5.9 MB JPG, 24"x36", 150dpi)

Important Dates

  • Important dates for 2019 coming soon...