We exceeded our 2016 goal!

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750,000 lbs 

Procedures for Food Pick Up

SFBFS has a limited number of barrels available for the State Employees Food Drive. Please review the delivery schedule to confirm your agency's delivery date, location addresses and number of barrels. Please e-mail any requests for changes in the schedule to Peggy Marshall at stateemployees@sacramentofoodbank.org.

If you need a pick-up before your scheduled final pick-up date, please make the request by sending an e-mail to Peggy Marshall at stateemployees@sacramentofoodbank.org. All e-mail requests will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please be sure that all requests for pick-ups include the following information:

  • Complete agency name
  • Street address
  • Onsite Coordinator name
  • Telephone number
  • Desired pick-up date
  • # of boxes/barrels to be picked-up
  • # of new barrels to be delivered
  • Any special instructions for our driver

Agencies that prefer to deliver food items themselves may do so to SFBFS' Food Bank Services campus located at 1951 Bell Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838 . Make sure to note your agency and get a weight receipt and forward that receipt to Peggy Marshall to record.

Agency Coordinators are to maintain accurate records of food donated and monetary contributions for verification of the final food drive results. We suggest that you keep a copy of weight and online receipts submitted.

If you prefer to use boxes, please keep in mind the collection boxes should be 2' x 1' x 1' or smaller. Copy paper boxes and file boxes are recommended. Please label all of your boxes/barrels for pick up with your agency's name to ensure that the proper account is credited. All goods donated will be weighed and logged in upon arrival by SFBFS staff. If possible, establish a centralized ground level pick up point or coordinate pickups with other agencies. A centralized location is encouraged for large agencies with many office sites.

Please discuss any potential bulk donations (i.e. fresh produce, beans, potatoes, etc.), with Peggy Marshall in advance. These types of donations are more complicated to handle due to shelf life and storage issues, and therefore need prior coordination from SFBFS.

Download and Print the 2016 Poster


Right-click and choose "Save link as..." to save the poster on your computer (7.8 MB JPG, 24"x36", 150dpi)

Important Dates

  • September 29: CDFA reverse food truck event
  • October 11: Kick-off meeting and orientation
  • October 17 - November 4: Barrel delivery
  • November 7 - January 13: Food drive
  • November 18: Turkey Drive
  • December 3, 10 & 20: Volunteer opportunities @ SFBFS
  • January 16 - February 3: Final food and barrel pick-ups
  • February 6: Final day for food drive credit
  • February 21: Wrap-up and awards party