We exceeded our 2016 goal!

764,038 lbs  
 0 lbs
750,000 lbs 

Food Drive Contacts

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services Contact

Peggy Marshall, Donation Drive Coordinator
Phone: 916-952-4504
Fax: 916- 921-5486

Statewide Food Drive Co-Coordinator

Addison Ford, CDFA Office of Farm to Fork
Phone: 916-900-5083

State Employees Food Drive Web Page: www.fooddrive.ca.gov

All the information you need to be successful in your food drive efforts is on this Web site. You can find weight totals, a copy of the Coordinator's manual, drop off and pick up schedule and other important information.

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services Web Page: www.sacramentofoodbank.org

Find out about more about SFBFS and our 15 programs and services to get those in need on the road to self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Download and Print the 2016 Poster


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Important Dates

  • September 29: CDFA reverse food truck event
  • October 11: Kick-off meeting and orientation
  • October 17 - November 4: Barrel delivery
  • November 7 - January 13: Food drive
  • November 18: Turkey Drive
  • December 3, 10 & 20: Volunteer opportunities @ SFBFS
  • January 16 - February 3: Final food and barrel pick-ups
  • February 6: Final day for food drive credit
  • February 21: Wrap-up and awards party